University Rugby Championship

Posted on May 18, 2013 in Evenimente

University Rugby Championship

CHISINAU, May 18, 2013 – On the Rugby Federation Stadium of Moldova (FRM) there began the University profile Championship held during the period of  May 16 to June 20 this year, within which  the universities’ teams participate.

According to President of the Rugby Federation of Moldova, Vasile Reveco, the universities’ teams of the Republic of Moldova will meet together in the first match. In this championship participate the following teams: the State University of Physical Education and Sport of Moldova, Armed Forces Military Academy “Alexandru cel Bun”,  RC  “Triumph” team, State University of Moldova and Sports Club “Politehnica”.

             In the same context, the coach of Armed Forces Military Academy “Alexandru cel Bun” RC “Triumph” team, Alexandru Reveco, said that the team is a young one and it is part of Moldova’s teams. Up till now the academy team has participated in many rugby championships, recording high results and obtaining the Rugby Championship Cup, organized in memory of Ion Hîncu.

In his turn, the commandant (rector) of the Military Academy “Alexandru cel Bun” Colonel Mihail Bucliş, mentioned  that although the team is a newly created and a beginner one and is the only team created last year as a result of a bilateral cooperation between the Ministry of Defence, the Military Academy “Alexandru cel Bun ” and the Rugby Federation of Moldova, got high results.

Ion Hîncu, master of sport, former national rugby player, has participated in numerous national and international championships, as a sport player, upper class. He died from an incurable disease at the age of 26.