A festive Graduation Ceremony of a Major Staff Course

Chisinau, June 7, 2013 – the commander (rector), of Military Academy, colonel Mihail Buclis handed graduating diplomas to a group of officers of the National Army on the 7th of June, this year, the militaries graduated the course of Major Staff for inter-weapons officers, brigade level, organized in the Continuous Improvement Centre of the Military Academy of Armed Forces “Alexandru cel Bun”. Colonel Mihail Buclis mentioned that this...

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Concert for students

Chisinau, June 6 2013 – The Soloists band  “Moments of  Moldova” organized a concert for students of the Military Academy “Alexandru cel Bun”, that took place on the military plateau of the institutions. According to the organizers, the band is led by Constantin Pavliuc, and the purpose of this event is to promote the young talents among the students. At the festive concert participated the military students of the Military Academy...

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The commandment and staff application “DACIA – 2013”

Chisinau, June 5 2013 – In the Armed Forces of Military Academy “Alexandru cel Bun” the application of commandment and staff “DACIA – 2013” started. The present application is the final evaluation segment of the militaries of National Army, participants in the Staff Course for inter-arms officers, brigadier level, organized and developed within the Continuous Improvement Centre of Armed Forces of Military Academy “Alexandru cel...

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