(Română) Conferinţa ştiinţifică interuniversitară “Evoluţia Sţiinţei militare în contextul naţional”

Posted on March 11, 2015 in Avize

(Română) Conferinţa ştiinţifică interuniversitară “Evoluţia Sţiinţei militare în contextul naţional”

Centre of Strategic Studies of Defense and Security (CSSDS)

organizes the international conference on the theme:

„Republic of Moldova within the context of the new architecture of regional security”

Friday, May 15, 2015, in Chisinau

The deadline for communication title and abstract (100 words): 17 April (cssas@academy.army.md).

Is expected the participation of researches from:Romania,UkraineandRepublicofMoldova. No participation fee. Work languages: English, Romanian, and Russian. The materials of the conference will be published in a special issue of “Military Review” scientific publication of category C.

Thematic area of the conference:

1. Interdisciplinary strategic researches on defense and security in the context of national security ofRepublicofMoldova.

2. The impact of the crisis fromUkraineon security ofMoldova.

3. The impact of the conflict in easternUkraineon EU security.

4. The connection ofRepublicofMoldovato the EU security complex.

5. Cross-border cooperation of theRepublicofMoldova,UkraineandRomaniato ensure regional security.

6. NATO’s role in maintaining security in the Eastern Partnership area.

7. The Transnistrian conflict in the context of developments inUkraine.

8. The threat of separatism at the Eastern border of the European Union.

Memo on the organizing institution

CSSDS is a subdivision of the Military Academy of Armed Forces “Alexandru cel Bun” ofMoldova. The Center is a plenipotentiary scientific coordinator of the instruction and organization of scientific research of the Academy; thus it is a subject of science and innovation inMoldova.

The scientific research of CSSDS includes components of applied research and fundamental research:

– Applied research is a priority and consists in orientation and broadening knowledge and its use in creating new processes, products and services or in improving it;

– Fundamental research consists in an activity oriented towards the acquisition of new scientific knowledge, formulation and verification of new hypotheses and theories.