Bureau of Senate

The Office of the Senate has the following competencies:

  • apply Senate rulings;
  • assures the operative leadership of the Armed Forces Military Academy “Alexandru cel Bun” to solve the current problems;
  • analyzes proposals received from subdivisions regarding the reward or penalty of basic and variable stock and makes decisions in this respect;
  • convenes the Senate and approves the documents to be presented at its meetings;
  • inform the academy community about their own decisions and the Senate. The decisions of the Senate Office are adopted by a simple majority.

Membrii Biroului Senatului

Military rank First name, second name Position  Position within Senate Office
colonel Gheorghe
Interim Rector (commandant)Armed Forces Military Academy

„Alexandru cel Bun”

Chairman of Senate Office
colonel Anatolie


Pro-rector (administrative work) Member

of Senate Office

colonel Petru


Interim Pro-rector

(for education)


of Senate Office

lieutenant-colonel (r) Igor



(scientific work)


of Senate Office

capitan Tatiana SÎRGHI POC officer and international collaboration Secretary of Senate Office