Cultural activities

Culture is born here, it is the fundamental component of the education and training process. The systematic exploitation of all forms of individual or collective activity for the purpose of training, developing and maintaining the required driving capacity in times of peace, crisis or conflict has the tendency to maintain the moral-psychological status of the academy and the army .

Military Academy students attending sessions daily have the opportunity to be trained in the cultural, entertaining and cognitive activities organized both in the National Army and in the Republic. Frequently, students evolve on large scenes (National Army Military Culture and History Center, Opera and Ballet Theater, National Palace, etc.) alongside well-known artists.

Cultural activities organized annually:

Winter holidays (carols, dances, customs and traditions);
February 11 – Commemorating the victims of Afghanistan;
February 14 – Valentine’s Day;
February 14 – Commemoration day of Grigore Vieru;
January 15 – Homage to the poet Mihai Eminescu;
March 2 – Commemorative Session: “Participants in the Armed Conflict on the Dniester 1992”;
March 8 – International Women’s Day;
March 16 – Commemoration day of the poet Alexei Mateevici;
April – Festival of song restitution;
April 23 – Commemoration of voivode Alexandru cel Bun;
April 24 – Commemorating the victims of the Chernobyl nuclear explosion;
April 27 – State Flag Day. Military-patriotic activity;
May 15 – International Family Day;
July 2 – Commemoration of the voivode Stephen the Great and the Holy;
August 27 – Independence Day of the Republic of Moldova;
August 31 – Language Day;
September 3 – National Army Day;
October 5 – Teacher’s Day;
October 3 – Day of the Armed Forces Military Academy “Alexandru cel Bun”;
November 17 – International Student Day.