Quality management

The basic objective of the Academy leadership, in the field of quality is the implementation of a quality management system based on an organizational structure, policy and documentation, allowing the monitoring-evaluation, preventive and correct intervention, and the continuous improvement of the quality.

The objectives of system:

  • to improve the quality of the educational process;
  • development of a well-defined system of allocating material and information resources for students and teachers, which works on the basis of efficiency;
  • to develop the Academy infrastructure by improving and diversifying the material basis, so as to create more optimal conditions of study and research, for students and for teachers;
  • to increase the motivation of teachers by improving work organization, providing up-to-date sources of information, stimulation and continuous improvement;
  • to improve communication between students and the Faculty’s staff;
  • establish and maintain collaborative relations on management quality problems with Universities and other institutions, and the organization of exchanges of experience with their educational structures;

Specific and system procedures:

  • procedures for evaluating the program of study;
  • procedures for assessment of learning outcomes;
  • procedures for assessing teaching quality.

The distinctive structures of the system of quality assurance:

at the Academy:

  • didactic and methodical commission;
  • department of educational management.

at faculty:

  •  teachers’ council