General information

Armed Forces Military Academy  „Alexandru cel Bun”

announces admission contest for the academic year 2023-2024

1st cycle, undergraduate studies at specialties:

  • infantry,
  • artillery,
  • transmissions.
 The admission file will be filed at the Territorial Military Centre, according to the permanent residence visa of the candidate.
Candidates who participate in the admission contest at the Military Academy must be citizens of the Republic of Moldova.

Necessary documents for admission:

  1. Application – enrollment model (submitted to Territorial Military Centres (district and municipal),
  2. The birth certificate and its copy,
  3. Copy of the identity card of the candidate, parents, wife (if necessary) with permanent residence,
  4. Criminal record issued by the MIA Information Directorate (Hâncu str., 3, Chisinau, tel. 25-51-55),
  5. The copy of the Baccalaureate Diploma,
  6. The service reference, issued from the place of work or the completed education institution,
  7. Certificate of confirmation of HIV virus antibodies,
  8. Curriculum vitae (autobiography),
  9. 6 – color photos 3 × 4 cm,
  10. Medical exam form sheet (medical-military expertise) established for enrollment in military education institutions issued by the relevant commissions.
 Additional information: (022) 82-27-18 

Graduates of the Military Academy are granted:

  • Primary grade of officer body ”lieutenant”,
  • Driving license ”B” category,
  • Service place guaranteed in one of the military units of the National Army.
Studies last: 3 years, daily attendance, in the state language.

Studies, accommodation, equipment and food – are offered for free.

Cycle II, master’s degree studies (Duration of studies – 2 years).

Candidates must meet the general and specific criteria for participation in the admissions contest as follows:

To enroll the contest, candidates submit the following documents:

– report / request for participation in the contest for admission to higher education master degree;

– copy of the identity card;

– the Bachelor’s degree (Cycle I) and its copy;

– the diploma supplement and its copy;

– a copy of the annual evaluation sheet (for candidates with budget funding);

– 3×4 cm (4pcs) photos.

Candidates enrolled in the admission contest, on arrival at the Military Academy, will present in the original the documents, until the start of the contest, personal identification and study papers, with the respective annexes.

Samples of admission:

a) for candidates with budget funding:

– the profile sample for the “Fundamentals of Military Science” discipline;

– profile at the discipline “Military Art”;

b) for tuition fee applicants:

– the profile sample for the “Fundamentals of Military Science” discipline.

Cycle III, PhD studies (Duration of studies – 4 years)

– Application  request for contest admission;

– Higher education diplomas (license and master), with appropriate annexes or supplements, in original and copies;

– List and copy of published scientific papers (patents) or a scientific report (in a volume of 7 – 10 pages) on the subject of the chosen specialty;

– Extract from the minutes of the Faculty Council meeting (for the teaching staff) or recommendations of two specialists with a scientific degree in the field;

– Curriculum vitae;

– copy of the work card;

– 3 photos 3 × 4 cm;

– Copy of identity card.

Candidates who have completed their studies abroad (except graduates of higher education institutions in Romania) will present the translation of the diploma in Romanian, legalized notarial, as well as the certified copy of the certificate of recognition and equivalence granted by the Ministry of Education.

 The selection of the doctoral candidate is decided by the admissions committee based on two contests:

– Assessment of analytical and synthesis skills and abilities, critical thinking ability, originality of the way and ability to formulate a relevant issue for the applied scientific field. The evaluation will be done by supporting a specialized scientific report.

– Assessment of language skills for a foreign language (English or French). Candidates holding a B2, STANAG 2222 certificate or other internationally recognized certificate (eg. Toefl) will be exempt from grade 10. In another case, candidates will be assessed for foreign language under the conditions set by the Doctoral School.

The competition samples are supported by the Doctoral School in the presence of the admissions committee, proposed by the Doctoral School Council and approved by the rector of the institution.

Foreign citizens will be able to apply for admissions only in Romanian or Russian languages.

The minimum admission mark  is 8 (eight).

The candidate for studies is enrolled on the basis of obtaining the favorable opinion of the Doctoral School Council. Selected candidates sign a doctoral study contract with the Military Academy. There is no fee for enrollment at the admissions contest. The duration of doctoral studies is 4 years.

Our adress: Chisinau city, 23, Haltei street (close to the Railway Station).

 Additional information: (022) 82-27-18