Infantry specialty (code 871.1) is a part of professional domain Infantry (code 871) from general domain Military.

Education for Infantry specialty is provided on full time education and requires accumulation of 240 credits. In parallel with Infantry specialty (code 871.1) is provided education for Public Administration specialty.

Infantry specialty (code 871.1) and Infantry curriculum (code 871) was approved by Law number 142-XVI published in Official Monitor number 101(1700-1702, 29) from July 2005. This formation domain was approved by Armed Forces departments and all graduated are enrolled in the military.

Infantry specialists’ education and training is conducted in accordance with Ministry of Defense training and education standards in conjunction with central and local Public Administration authorities.

The infantry graduates will serve in different units and subunits of Land Forces on different positions from infantry platoon leader. They also can perform their duties in other land components of National Army and local public administration based on the main and second specialization.