The speciality Signal (code 873.1) is a part of the professional training Signal (code 873), the general field of study- Military (code 87). Signal professional training area (code 873) has been indentified as a high necessity for the society and has had approved trough „Law of approving the fields of professional training and of specialities for the high education institutions, cicle I”, nr. 142 – XVI from july 7 2005 – published in Gazzete nr. 101-103/476 from july 29 2005). The need of forming domain is confirmed through consulting procedures of Ministries of Forces and by the fact that almost all graduates are employed immediately after graduation.

The studies at the Signal speciality (code 873.1) are only full-time and require the accumulation of 240 transferable credits. Simultaneously with the formation at Signal speciality (code 873.1) is performed the training in Public Administration speciality (code 313.1).

The preparation of a signal professional man is carried out according to the directives and orders requirements of Ministry of Defence of theRepublicofMoldova, methodical and oganizational instructions, fighting regulations, guidance, program of the firing rate which, in special conditions, are related to common activities with local and central public administration.

For professional training programs have been identified, at the national level, the needs through consultation with J6 Communication and Information Systems of the Ministry of Defence and through the results of employment almost of all graduates.

The professional activity of Signal specialist is conducted in accordance with the skills, competences and abilities acquired during the studies, according to requirements imposed for his preparation.

The signal graduate will pursue his professional activity in different divisions of the National Army at different positions, beginning his career as a signal platoon commander. Also the graduate can carry out his professional activity in other areas of the National Army of Republic of Moldova taking into account the nominated speciality and the second one – The Public Administration.

The education of the professional training in the field of Signal (code 873) is responsible  for preparing specialists able to provide planning, organization, management, operating the computer and communication systems as well as communications centers of command points of units and subunits of the National Army and is aimed at:

  • Use of means, technologies and advanced information and communication systems;
  • Promotion of innovations and technology transfer;
  • Promotion of modern systems;
  • Contemporary organizational structures;
  • Efficient management;

It is based on approaches:

  • Innovational;
  • Integrated of devices and processes;
  • Systemic during the use.

Foresee computer-assisted activities and use of information technologies.

Aproaching from actual positions domain of forming signal (code 873) impose a lot of requirements that are coming from:

  • Activities in the military sphere bear a more complex and multidisciplinary character.
  • Requirements between the military communication, civil national communication and European military communication systems;
  • Ensure the efficient computing environment, which has a dynamic character, are proposed new models of organization and operation which represents both the use of technical level and of its highly qualified staff as well as other foreign systems performances;
  • The role of narrow specialist is decreasing with the growing of „ general-integral” one;
  • Reduce the life cycle of devices, means of communication and informational system can have adverse consequences for the success of military actions, in this regard it represents a very important study object;
  • Use of automated control system;
  • Elaborated soft products for the domain provide a possibility to integrate the solutions from different succesive domains, decisions that are taken through technical and economical consensus.