Rector’s message

The message

of the Rector (commandant) Armed Forces Military Academy  “Alexandru cel Bun” 

         Armed Forces Military Academy “Alexandru cel Bun” –  is the only institution of higher military education in the Republic of Moldova providing the Armed Forces of the Republic of Moldova with highly qualified officers.

In this context, the Military Academy has a well determined strategy having a concept of modernization through sustainable development, focused on intellectual potential and excellence and performance capitalization generated by this potential and creates the image of the Military Academy in society.

Currently, Military Academy has the following missions:

  • education of officers with high military and academic capabilities, moral and ethical, physical and language skills necessary for leading the Armed Forces and other elements of national security
  • insurance of continuing professional military studies, conducting language training, training for reserve officers and NCOs of the Armed Forces.
  • insurance of  the I cycle license studies , II cycle master studies for military and civilian personnel employed in the service of national security structures, in accordance with the Bologna Process.
  • scientific research in national security system through the Center for Strategic Studies and Defense Security.

The teaching process in Military Academyis done in indispensable connection with the scientific research. Teaching and scientific potential are oriented towards a high professionalism, combined with studying of modern languages and information technologies.

The study is done in accordance with plans and studies curricula adjusted and adapted to the Bologna process.

Military Academy proposes raising the value of national military education through: enhancing the quality of education as a determinant of competitiveness of autochthonous human potential; development of scientific and technical research as an indispensable component in the training of future officers; encouraging mobility of students and teachers, providing academy graduates with a guaranteed working place in military units of the National Army.

In the Military Academy “Alexandru cel Bun” are implemented the most advanced techniques and training methods and evaluation, including integrated training,  interactive forms, problem situation, tactical applications, internships in military units, etc. Our institution is provided with a developed technological and material basis, decent living and recreation conditions for students.  The Academy is constantly evolving and growing the educational process context implementing new standards in the education of young people and military research, which step by step is disseminated in the training of future officers, defenders of the Motherland.

In this context, I hope you’ll have the opportunity to visit our institution, research centers and laboratories to convince yourselves of the features that distinguish us in specific national university landscape.

We are waiting for you at the Armed Forces Military Academy “Alexandru cel Bun”.