Students from specialty Artillery (code 872.1) who study within 4 years accumulating 240 credits transferable. Along with specialty training in Artillery (code 872.1) is carried out training and specialty “Engineering and technology of transportation auto” (code 527.1). (Public Administration).

Students from specialty Artillery (code 872.1) at the end of studies will have military knowledge and training needed for the use of artillery in modern combined arms , to skillfully apply the theoretical principles of battle regulations and order with confidence and determination as to firing platoon and the command platoon in battle, to act with initiative, independent thinking, to know the organization and management of the platoon bases (battery) in battle, and the organizational structure, weapons, tactics artillery subunits, can organize and run lessons with his subunits of a high tactical level during the preparation and the process of thickeners the combat units.

Also the high quality of training students is obtained from the subjects of theory of artillery shooting and fire control by: proper training, organizing lessons and conducting systematic training in artillery shooting and fire control, at low polygon and carrying out the tasks of artillery shooting with battle ammunition on the field of fire from artillery systems.

The curriculum for the specialty Artillery (code 872.1) was reviewed and approved in 2011 by the Minister of Education and Minister of Defense. Students of admission 2011 – 2012 began their studies under the new plan. Students from specialty Artillery will accumulate 240 credits in 98 course units, internship and undergraduate samples. Of which 59 units are oriented towards specialization courses (basic and second), 15 – Fundamental 14 – creating skills and general skills, 7 – Socio-humanistic and 3 – oriented