Public administration faculty

Public Administration Faculty was founded in 2011 and it is a didactical-scientific and administrative subdivision of the Military Academy, which organizes and implements the educational process and scientific research.

Faculty tasks:

  1. preparation of specialists in the civilian domain approved by higher hierarchical bodies, in accordance with Armed Forces needs, as well as, requirements of labor force market, able to contribute to the implementation of programs for European and global integration;
  2. coordination and improvement of didactical activities of faculty divisions and establishment of relationship with similar divisions from outside, with the goal of aligning to the modern standards;
  3. formation and development of didactical personnel through various forms of postgraduate education (Master, PhD, Postdoctoral, etc..)
  4. preparation of teaching personnel able to conduct scientific research, technological development and development of technical-material basis, necessary for those activities;
  5. education of the Armed Forces Military Academy’s students in the spirit of leadership and integrity of command.

Faculty structure:

  • Department of Public Administration

    The department mission:The military formation of students and the improvement of both military and civilian personnel for the needs of National Army in accordance with the specialties approved and established standards, possessing both theoretical knowledge and practical skills, necessary for their use in accordance with the Army tasks and missions.  Objectives:–  Ensure adequate training of legal and educational set of general and specialized knowledge, specific skills of military profession and of civil attitudes; Elaborate strategies to optimize organizational processes on the foundation of assessment standards of promoted quality and research results in areas of interest (educational, organizational, military).
  • Department of Humanitarian sciences and foreign languages

    Mission: The Department of Humanitarian Sciences and Foreign Languages is the structural and functional unit that in the academic curriculum ensures the initial formation of the military students in Public Administration specialization. It manages the legal sciences, administrative, economic, social- humanitarian sciences and foreign languages disciplines. Together with other departments contribute to the Academy’s mission of basic training of the command officers for Land Forces and other beneficiaries. The primary objective The improvement of educational management that is specific for training command officers in accordance with real needs to professionalize the staff of National Army and align the requirements of higher military education to international standards and maximize the institutional functionality in the context of implementing the concept of military transformation of higher education. The main objectives— Ensuring the adequate legal and educational framework of forming all general and specialized knowledge, specific skills for military profession and civic attitudes;— Develop strategies to optimize organizational processes on the basis of standards of promoted quality assessment and of scientific research results in areas of interest (educational, organizational, and military); — The optimal use of allocated resources and / or attracted to the restructuring and modernization of the education materials in conjunction with formative needs and requirements requested for authorization to operate provisionally as the institution organizing the Master studies. Scientific research: The main directions of scientific research: — The Increase of scientific educational process, according to the requirements and standards of the national and international performance;— Study specific aspects of the military and society based on knowledge;— Develop strategic partnerships between Academy and other institutions in the country and abroad;— Development of collaborative research projects with foreign partners;— Promoting the image and prestige of the Academy at national and international level, in the civil and academic environment through research projects and high quality scientific reports;— Development and modernization of equipment for scientific research;— Creation of an appropriate framework for the implementation of learned lessons.

Faculty leadership

  1. The supreme leading body of the Faculty is the Faculty Council, which is elected for five years in accordance with regulations.
  2. Faculty Council consists of didactic-scientific personnel, PhD students, Master students and students.

— the Council is consisting from representatives of all faculty departments, in accordance with the principle of equal rights.

— members of the Faculty Council are — Dean of Faculty, heads of departments, didactical-scientific personnel of the faculty, presidents of faculty trade union committees, as well as, doctorate student, master students and students from all specialties of the faculty.