Military science faculty

Military Sciences Faculty educate and trains specialists in accordance with full time and part time training programs, distance learning, individual studies as well as professional training programs.


1.  Educate and train specialists in military domains approved by the higher authorities (military branches, military services etc.) as required by the Armed Forces, as well as labor market requirements, able to contribute to the implementation of European and world integration programs;

2. Coordination and improvement of faculty subdivisions educational and training activities, establishing relationships with similar subdivisions from outside in order to align to the modern standards;

3.  Educate and train the faculty staff through various forms of postgraduate education (masters, doctoral, postdoctoral, etc.).

4.  Educate and train the faculty staff able to conduct scientific research, technological development and the development of necessary material and technical base for these activities;

5.  Provide education and training that will ensure students of the Armed Forces Military Academy with sense of leader and good commander.

Military Art Department

Department’s main missions:

Military Art Department is a subdivision of Military Academy which provides training and education for main discipline in forming military specialists.


  • Education and training in Military Art, History of Military Art,  special tactics, engineering and NBC;
  • Education and training for advance officer courses;
  • Education and training for staff officer course;
  • NCO education and training.

Scientific research

Main scientific domains:

  • General tactics, Operational Art and Military Strategy;
  • New Battlefields Operational Techniques;
  • History of Military Art;
  • Military Geography;
  • NBC weapons.

Weapons systems department

Weapons systems department is the basic subdivision of the Military sciences faculty, providing training for military cadets with following missions:

Student’s preparation includes all departments’ subjects. The training tasks are as follows:

  • knowledge training, use and maintenance of small and heavy infantry weapons, fighting machine guns and ammunition;
  •  training and development of necessary skills required  for weapons exploitation activities  in all conditions of modern combat;
  • physical and mental training required for  the task fulfillment when acting individually or as a subunit;
  • development of basic and advanced theoretical and practical knowledge required for instructors in developing their professionalism on shooting education;
  • developing language and IT skills in organizing and caring out disciplines.

1. Conducting advanced infantry courses for inferior officer’s staff;

2. Conducting major staff courses (battalion level).

Scientific research

Main directions of scientific research:

  • weapons development improving research;
  • research of new forms of training in shooting training matter;
  • History of weapons development research;
  • Effective use of weapons system and ammunition research.

Military technical department

The military technical department is the basic subdivision of theMilitaryAcademy, which ensures a qualitative training of the students to basis disciplines for forming military specialists, with the following missions:

  • Training the graduates in order to present the undergraduate thesis, to obtain the specialty of “Engineer of auto transport”
  • Training the officers for the Department’s disciplines in HQ courses (battalion level);
  • Training the officers for the Department’s disciplines of inferior officers in advanced courses;
  • Training the NCOs for the Department’s disciplines in NCO courses;
  • Training students in the subject:

 The study process of the Department is directed as follows:

            Basic education:

  •  Year II – introduction in military technology;
  •  Year III – study of structural features of military equipment;
  •  Year IV- the military equipment maintenance.

      Scientific research activity 

Main directions of scientific research:

  • constructive evolution of military technology research;
  • research of new design patterns of the military equipment in the modern Army;
  • researches in the domain of environment ecology in terms of military equipment;
  • research in the field of improving the military technology in the National Army.
Currently the Department has classrooms and a laboratory for unfolding the process of study at the department’s disciplines. The Department also has 2 units of combat equipment and a unit of combat equipment cut as teaching material. At the same time the department signed the contract with the ” National Army specialists’ training Centre ” on training students for obtaining a driving license in “B” category, collaboration agreements with military units and civilian educational institutions on the use of material for training students in the field.

Military Equipment Department cooperates with various military educational institutions abroad. Teachers of the department have attended various training courses and various tactical international applications.

Artillery Department

Artillery Department is training military students for artillery troops who possess theoretical knowledge and practical skills specific subunits of artillery in modern combat combined arms.

Missions of Artillery department are:

  • improving the moral and spiritual knowledge to the students, to educate high quality military knowledge, moral stability and physical strength, firmness and courage;
  • continuously raising the quality of teacher training with the professional assessment of the conditions of contemporary military requirements, to the highest achievements of science and technology and their development prospects, self-education to students in the trend toward military art;
  • scientific research focused on development of military theory, military issues of social and humanistic sciences, raising methodological and military skills, improvement of training and education;
  • implementation of research results in military education and their practical application artillery subunits;
  • scientific and pedagogical training, raising qualification of teaching staff and officers within the department;
  • developing and publishing educational materials, scientific, methodical teaching and learning process and information needed specific and artillery components.

Communication and Information Department

Training officers for the communications units and subunits, officers which possess theoretical knowledge and practical skills necessary for planning, organizing and providing communications in modern combined forces warfare, are able to apply skillfully theoretical principles and rules of battle, command subordinated subunit with confidence and firmly to act with initiative, independent thinking,  know the basis for organizing and managing the platoon into battle and carry out meetings with the staff during training under combat, and in the process of organizing the struggle units.


  • Developing skills as a communications  platoon commander and similar;
  • Training skills required for the exploitation of equipment and devices from communications subunits endowment;
  • –         Improving theoretical, methodological and pedagogical knowledge required for an officer-instructor;
  • –         Development of physical and mental capacity  required for increased effort in order to meet both tasks alone, as well as a part of subunit.

The main directions of scientific research are:

  • Research of the main trends in communications systems in theRepublicofMoldovaand all other the world;
  • Performing research in developing the general theory of science in military communications equipment;
  • Development of professional military education, improve forms and methods of combat training;
  • Research and development problems of the current moral-psychological training of the staff;
  • Usage of  research results in professional military education and training;

Catedra pregătire fizică şi sport

Catedra pregătire fizica şi sport a Academiei Militare „Alexandru cel Bun” este destinată instruirii şi pregătirii fizice a studenţilor militari.

La catedră se studiază disciplina — Pregătirea fizică. Pregătirea fizică este o componentă fundamentală a procesului de instrucţie şi învăţămînt al Academiei Militare care valorifică sistematic ansamblul formelor de activitate colectivă sau individuală ce se desfăşoară în vederea formării, dezvoltării şi menţinerii capacităţii motrice solicitate pe timp de pace şi în situaţii de criză contribuind la îmbunătăţirea stării de sănătate fizică şi psihică a studenţilor Academiei Militare.

În conformitate cu programa analitică a Academiei Militare în anii universitari, la toate genurile de arme sunt prevăzute ore de prelegeri şi ore practice la pregătirea fizică.

Obiectivele generale ale pregătirii fizice:

  • Menţinerea şi fortificarea sănătăţii;
  • Dezvoltarea aptitudinilor motrice;
  • Formarea deprinderilor de a acţiona repede şi precis;
  • Creşterea capacităţii organismului de a suporta diferite condiţii climaterice;
  • Deprinderea studenţilor cu practicarea sistematică a exerciţiilor fizice.